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Is Social Sharing The Future Of Brand Engagement?

The evolution of online businesses has embraced a variety of technological and purely strategic endeavours recently. In a world where the competition for what concerns moving and developing a business' digital footprint is constantly rising, game-changing strategies are the reason why some companies are moving from a startup level to a big enterprise and, recently, social interactions to build brand credibility have been used a lot. Let's analyse the matter in more detail.

Social Sharing: Low Budget Audience Engagement

Social sharing, per definition, is a feature which lets the users of a specific application/software share their comments, feedback and more. From this very simple idea, companies have developed a totally new idea of marketing themselves: social sharing has, in fact, become a way to share certain features of that specific app, software and more. This particular idea has been used by companies like Uber, Amazon and Apple recently, with a net 40% increase in their engagement, achieved without the usage of any marketing campaign , except for such social sharing interactions.

How Does It Work?

Imagine the release of a new Amazon service: something, to reference, which is extremely groundbreaking but at the same time very hard to explain to a mass audience. The usage of a simple banner on someone's profile stating that they were able to sign up for that specific service with a 50% discount will definitely help with engaging more potential clients, right? True, and that's because of the fact that socially shared assessments , services and everything in between are extremely likely to convert into sales or, in this case, product sign-ups.

Mobile Dominating The Matter

In the recent past, applications have embraced social-friendly features ranging from restaurant deals to booking flights. The usage of referral codes, social sharing when booking services and the possibility of sharing your position when doing shopping are all part of social sharing behaviours which the mobile app development world has embraced since 2015. Apps like Uber, which has always been ahead of times are still considering the creation of more social-friendly features to boost their user engagement, a metric which has been one of the biggest focuses in the industry.

To Conclude

Social sharing has become one of the biggest brand engagement strategies, period. Given the pace today's business world is moving at, it's quite easy to understand why: the creation of these social sharing strategies are actively and tangibly improving user engagement while reducing businesses' marketing budgets.