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Three Ways to Identify a Real Expert


Three Ways to Identify a Real Expert

An expert is someone who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps the work they do. That’s not to say that they don’t have many interests or areas of expertise, but to identify someone as a true expert — especially in the social media marketing space — can be a challenge. This guide is meant to help you get a sense of whether or not this “expert” really knows their stuff so you can get back to the work of building your brand, business and bank account.

Why Should You Care What I Have to Say?

Well, quite frankly because I AM an expert. A quick scan of my bio and LinkedIn profile will show you that I’ve worked at some pretty impressive places and done some pretty incredible things.

But does that really mean I’m an expert?

In my opinion, it does not. Just because you worked somewhere doesn’t mean that you actually did the work and just because you can write a great post or two doesn’t mean you actually did the writing.

Sooooo… What the Hell?

I know it seems more complicated but it’s actually better to assume everyone you encounter is NOT the expert they say they are.


Confusing, perhaps, but if you are skeptical upon your first interaction with someone and their brand/content, you won’t become a disciple of theirs.

How Can I Get the Information I Need?

You do, it is true, need experts to help you flourish in the zones of genius that you do not excel. This is a valid and true statement. But finding those people can be difficult… if you assume everyone knows what they’re talking about.

The first thing to remember is that social media marketing is in its infancyFacebook hasn’t even had business pages FOR A FULL DECADE!!! Let that sink it for a moment. The method of doing business for so many of you reading this, wasn’t even something to USE a few short years ago.

That means that every, single expert in social still has tons to learn (myself included).

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Identifying an expert is easy if you know what to look for and these three steps can help you find an expert in any zone of genius, not just someone who excels at social media marketing.

Consistency in Results

When someone says they’re an expert, ask them for examples of their work and their successes to date. These case studies should be varied and show success based on the resources available for the project. And, the expert should be willing to explain how each success was achieved. That is consistency in results.

Customized Advice

When you ask someone for their advice on Facebook ads, they should not give you a generic statistic. They should be able to tell you what they have been able to achieve for other clients and how those results varied from client to client as well as share insights on the “average” across all types of Facebook posts.

Basically, if they’re offering a one-size-fits-all model, run the other way.

Clear Questions

When you see a Facebook post or Instagram Story from an expert, ask them questions that go beyond the topics covered. Someone who really knows their stuff will be able to offer clear answers AND ask clear questions to get to the heart of what you’re really looking for and give you some solid advice. Even if they won’t give you strategic advice (because no one should give that away for free), they should be able to tell you some stats from past clients and give you some food for thought when it comes to what YOUR next move should be.

All in all, a true expert is someone who not only knows the right answer but knows HOW to get you from the question you’re asking to the answers you need to have. A true expert is a guide, someone who helps you navigate their zone of genius with ease and strategy; someone who helps YOU build your business without draining your bank account.

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