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Why Most Entrepreneurs Really Want to Reach B2C and How to Do It


Why Most Entrepreneurs Really Want to Reach B2C and How to Do It

Business to Consumer or Business to Business – which marketing style is right for you?

Well, with the rise of entrepreneurship and side hustle businesses, consumers are business owners… at least in the US. According to a CNN money article, 44 million Americans have some form of a side hustle. That’s a hell of a lot of business opportunities. And unless you’re selling enterprise software exclusively, you might want to consider adding B2C to your strategy, even if you’ve been a historically B2B service provider in the past. 

You might be asking yourself, “why is this important? Why should I, an entrepreneur, coach, author or influencer, care about my marketing strategy in these traditional terms? I’m trying to reach my ideal client and my ideal consumer, I don’t really know if they’re a business owner and for my product, it doesn’t really matter.”

Oh, but it does, dear reader, it SO does.

Why B2C Marketing is The Future

With a market of 44 million “consumers” turned business owners with side hustles and more, the consumer market is currently flooded with individuals who need your services. Even if they’re not business owners in their own right, people who cross paths with you online are likely to be decision makers in some capacity OR know someone who is a decision maker. And that’s why, when it comes to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram strategy, focusing on B2C marketing is the right move for all brands, businesses and everything in between.

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But I want to serve businesses…

And serve them you shall! The business owners of 2018 don’t look like the business owners of 1998 — and startups? Startups are growing at a rapid rate and they need more consultants than ever before. And they’re connecting with people they know to find these individuals to work with them directly — which is where a smart social media strategy comes in.

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