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10 Things That Sales People Tell Us About Social Selling


When we talk with companies about social selling we get some interesting reactions.  For example, the Sales VP that asked us “do you take credit cards?”  He then qualified that by telling us, in hushed tones, “The people upstairs, don’t get it, so we need to hide the expenditure”.

So here we have it, 10 things that sales people tell us about social selling.

Or after our first training session the Sales VP turned to his sales team and asked “so what do you think? any feedback?”.  The sales team said, “why didn’t we do this 18 months ago?”

  1. Please don’t throw a Hubspot article at us and tell us to social sell, while Hubsot write some great articles, social selling is a change of mindset and an article never changed anything.
  2. Social selling is not a tool. Giving us Sales navigator and telling us to get on with it.  A Fool with a tool is still a fool.  To use sales navigator requires you to be social.  The same, with that video tool or marketing automation or, or, or, they are all still tools and they won’t change anything.
  3. You have just read an article on video marketing. Let’s not forget if you cold call somebody, cold email somebody, send somebody a cold video or an inmail.  It is still a “cold call” but in fact you are less in control of a video or an inmail.  There are some clowns that think this is social selling, it isn’t.
  4. The intern you got, I know you are being well meaning, but we need people that have trained sales people with track records, we need people that have business acumen and understand how ti impact change in an organisation.
  5. With a clear ROI now with social selling, any training is going to be self financing. Investing in sales vs an increase in revenue.
  6. Marketing isn’t working anymore. That isn’t a slight on the marketing team, they are doing what they can, but we all know that nobody reads adverts, nobody click on PPC links, nobody likes being cold called,  nobody turns up to webinars, GDPR has stopped us email.  That said, we know our clients on social.
  7. We need to stop investing in websites, logos and advertising. We all know that these are not things that connect with the modern buyer.  A new website, logo or advertising, will not make the phone ring more!
  8. The answer is not to make more and more calls or send more and more emails. Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.  Making more and more calls and sending more and more emails is, just, total insanity, when there is a clear for efficient and effective alternative.
  9. We have had to take this into our own hands and we have read a few books: Tim Hughes – “Social Selling – Influencing Buyers and Change Makers” available here Amazon seems to be the best.It’s a best seller, all of our competition use it, you should buy a copy or borrow on one ours.
  10. We have already undertaken a small pilot and got some results off the back off Tim’s book, but we just know that if we had a methodology to work to this would help change habits and bake the changes we need into the sales process.This does not mean we throw away any of the great training you have provided so far, but we need to be out there on social as our competition is and they are killing us.
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