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12 Reasons why you should be on Twitter (Without even Tweeting once!) #Socialselling


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Twitter is no different from any other communication method. It is bit like an on-line telephone, people can communicate with other people or companies. You just do it in a short and snappy way.

I Know I should be on Twitter but Don’t Want to Tweet

50% of accounts don’t Tweet, they listen.

Let me talk about my Granny for a second.  She had a phone so we could call her, but never made any calls herself.  In the same way you can use Twitter to listen, but you don’t need to Tweet.

12 Reasons why you should be on Twitter (Without even Tweeting once!)

1. Save Money – Companies often offer money off vouchers or discounts. When you get onto Twitter, follow your favorite brands and save money.

2. Get tickets for West End shows — Tickets for shows, Opera, Ballet are often offered over Social Media a day before the show. They are often released via a hashtag you need to search on.

3. Win – Companies will run competitions over Twitter with prizes.

4. Get Packages Redelivered — You are away from home and a package is delivered and you need to get it redelivered. Contact the Courier Company over Twitter.

5. Find out about Travel Delays – Most Travel companies are online, such as airlines, airports and in most cases there is a “real person” that you can interact with.  I’ve been in situations at Heathrow where information boards went down, but was able to keep up with delay information by “talking” over Twitter with the airline Twitter account.

6. Get Pre-Sale Tickets – When you get on Twitter follow you favorite bands / artists / groups; often they will offer tickets before they are offered to the general public.  One gig I went to “exclusive small event for fans” was only offered over Twitter.

7. Get Up-To-Date News — Follow you favorite news channels, Social Media now carry the exclusives before the television.  You can also find news channels or interesting people (like me) who Tweet about information in a niche subject area you may have.  (Why not jump in and debate these subjects?)

8. Get a Job – Get a Better Job? –Employers want to employ people today who are Thought Leaders in an area.  While 10 years ago having Word or Excel on your CV was a requirement, now employers look for (at least) an understanding of Social Media.  (50% of the people I have trained in Social Media have gone on to get a better job.)

9. Get Answers to Questions — Many people use Twitter as an alternative “search engine” for search (I do, for example).  As Social Search becomes more relevant than Google, it’s a useful source of data.  You can of course Tweet questions out to your followers.

10. Learn Something New — If like me you think that “every day is a school day” and that life is about continual learning, you can follow people and learn some amazing facts.

11. See some incredible photography, from amateur and professional photographers.

12. Keep up with your favorite celebrities, bands and TV shows.  Many TV shows have a hashtag which you can follow while you watch.  Watch or join in the debate.

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