14 Reasons Why Social Selling Better Than Cold Calling

Was reading the usual vested interests pouring onto a LinkedIn post about social selling vs cold calling. I’m a lover of irony, I thought here we have cold callers telling me how great cold calling is, on social. Surely if it was any good they would cold call me?

The same with cold calling conferences, they are now launched on social media. Anyway to those 14 reasons.

Social has a number of benefits:- 1. It’s where your customers are, diving prospects to a website or interrupting them with calls or emails is an unnatural act. 2. According to research by Tony Hughes in Australia, social selling is twice as efficient and effective than Cold Calling. In other words if you cold call you are falling behind. 3. Our clients, using our methodologyare getting 20 to 30% increase in incremental (new) revenue when compared to legacy sales methods such as cold calling. 4. Social as prospecting method is “always on”where as cold calling means you have this “feast and famine” lead generation. How many time have you read cold calling gurus talking about making time for prospecting. With social selling, prospecting is built in. 5. Social does not restrict you to prospecting during the day.We have customers who prospect in the evening, using the day to meet with customers. This enables to transact more deals while prospecting. Of course, social selling is quick and easy, just open your Mac or PC and away you go. One client prospects between bath time for his kids and his own bedtime. 6. Using legacy sales methodsyou have to use different methods in different stages of the sales process, while with social you use the same method for prospecting, nurturing, accelerating deals through the pipeline to closing. You can even prospect on vacation with social selling. 7. With Social there are no gatekeepers blocking you, go straight to the person you want to talk to. 8. As social is natural and frictionlessthere is none of this pissing people off by interruptions as you do with cold calling and cold email. 9. In the past, you could cold call people everyday for six monthsand bully people into buying. With the introduction of GDPR you can cold call people, but we can now invoke our right to remain forgotten or you face 4% of turnover fines. The same with unsolicited email. The days of push selling are over. 10. In the past you could call me as often as you want, now I can block you on my mobile using simple iPhone functionality. 11. Everybody know why you cold call.I know, you know and your clients know. It means you as a company are desperate, it also means your marketing department has run out of ideas. Each time you make a call, you are promoting your company has lost direction and is no longer relevant. You are in the discount bin with Nokia, MySpace and Kodak. 12. You are able to implement a competitive strategythat will take out your competition, so much so, they will never catch up. 13. You can solve your recruitment problem. 14. You can get sales people contributing quicker.In fact you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees by 25%. That’s 25% more employees for free!