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15 Reasons You Are Not a Social Seller #socialselling



In my work, I come across a number of people who have jumped on the Social Selling Bandwagon.

Here are the ways I can see if you are really, truly are, a Social Seller.

  1. You are still using Power Point
  2. You haven’t yet worked out that Inmail can be spam too
  3. There is no measurement on what you do
  4. You send LinkedIn connection requests without adding any context
  5. You don’t listen to your customers on Social Media
  6. You don’t follow your customers on Social Media
  7. You don’t actively participate (I’m not saying just be a member of that group) in LinkedIn groups
  8. You think that connecting with people on LinkedIn is easy as “everyone” accepts a request – Where’s the currency in that?
  9. You are looking at ways to automate Social Media, so you can go back to your day job
  10. You think this new fandangal Social Media stuff will go away soon
  11. You think Social Media is for kids
  12. You think Social media is actually a new way to Market
  13. You don’t talk about how Social Selling will enable Salespeople to overachieve their quotas quicker
  14. You use statistics with no reference to the original research
  15. You think Social selling is all about LinkedIn – You mean it isn’t? Gulp!

#16 – you spell Linkedin with a lowercase it’s LinkedIn with a capital I — confusing b/c images all have lowercase i (via @jill_Rowley)

If you can think of any more, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.  Will attribute comments to you, should you wish me to.

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