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From Blog Content to Social Media: 5 Tips to Grow Your Client Base


Written by: Diana Nadim Adjadj

Running a business is never a straightforward, strictly defined path. It is a complex process in which creativity, innovation, and fresh ideas are just a few of the bare necessities. In order for you to fly higher and reach new goals, you continuously need to work on all the aspects of your business. That includes nurturing your existing client base and expanding it by acquiring new clients. But, what’s the best way for you to tackle this aim?

Crafting a content marketing strategy and using it wisely is the best way for you to win over new clients and retain them as a part of your steady client base. By investing your time and energy into creating a flawless content marketing plan, you’re investing in your future. In case you’re wondering what content marketing is all about and how you can master it, just keep reading.

Here are 5 winning tips to help you learn everything you need to know about blogs and social media and how they can help you grow your client base.

1. Your Blog as the Foundation

Starting from scratch, a blog is definitely your number one priority. Consider it this way: if content marketing is a house, then a blog is the foundation.

Running a blog for your content marketing strategy has several purposes:

  • attracting new people to your website
  • giving your clients information and support
  • showing you’re professional and trustworthy
  • building an audience and a client base

Your blog is there to help people find you and learn about your business, even if they’re not searching for it online. This is why your blog needs to cover various topics revolving around your niche:

  • tutorials
  • step-by-step guides
  • how-to articles
  • reviews and testimonials
  • unboxing articles

When people try to find answers to certain questions online, they might just run into your article and be led straight to your website. If they like what they read, they might come back for more.

Make sure your blog posts are:

  • informative
  • covering trending topics
  • entertaining
  • adding value to the reader

Your blog is your best friend when it comes to content marketing. Invest all your efforts into making it a killer blog.

2. Social Media as the Magnet

Now, let’s talk power!

The number of social media users worldwide is about to hit 3 billion and our guess is that it’s not stopping there. With powerful social media platforms such as

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

and billions of people refreshing their news feed every day, it’s your job to find a spot and win it for yourself.

Using social media for content marketing is a must, and here’s what you need to do:

  • set up business profiles and pages on the social media you choose
  • start building an audience by inviting people to follow you
  • ask friends and family to give you a hand by sharing and inviting others

Once you establish a somewhat stable number of followers, you need to give them something to enjoy every day.

The following section is all about the type of content you need to share and how to do it.

3. Images and Design as Your Identity

Social media posts, combined with your blog posts are going to define you in every possible way. What you show to the people, and what you give them using these platforms will define the way they think and feel about you.

So, what do you need to do, to be able to make your content effective, efficient and appealing?

Your number one concern is the visual aspect of your online identity. This means you need to give people something beautiful and visually attractive.

There are two things to consider:

the design

You need to establish a unique brand design that your clients will recognize and enjoy for a long time. This implies choosing:

  • colors
  • fonts
  • shapes
  • style

Use the same combination for each of your posts on both your blog and social media profiles. This will make you memorable.

the images

Beautiful images are what make people pause their scrolling and actually read what you have to say. You can use royalty free images combined with free graphic design tools such as Canva to create your own perfect visuals.

4. Giveaways and Contests as the Bait

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, we can move a step forward and talk about some real-deal client winning strategies.

When it comes to increasing the number of your social media followers and consequentially, your clients, nothing beat the good old giveaway.

A giveaway or a contest in which the winner gets a prize from you is beneficial for both you and your audience:

  • your followers or clients win a special award
  • they act as your advertisers, free of charge
  • you increase the number of your followers
  • you increase your client base

Make sure the rules for entering the contest include:

  • following your profile or liking your page
  • tagging friends
  • sharing your content

Make sure the prize is worth the effort and award your clients with something special. In return, you’ll have a ton of new people who’ve learned about you and potentially developed an interest in your business.

5. Accuracy and Consistency as a sign of Professionalism

Finally, there’s one more thing we need to cover. It may be the last on our list but it’s far from being the least important.

When your audience is reading your blog or looking at your social media content, they expect you to be flawless. If they spot a single mistake they’ll regard it as weakness and find you to be sloppy.

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you proofread everything you posts!

That includes everything from images captions to long-form articles on your blogs.

Check your content for:

  • grammar mistakes
  • spelling mistakes
  • structure issues
  • proper use of vocabulary

If you need a hand doing this, check out some online tools such as and use it to make your content impeccable. You can also check out online writing services such as Trust My Paper and see what they can do to help.

Just remember: your content is the reflection of the way you do business. Make it perfect to show your potential clients you can reliable and win them over for good.


Growing your client base is like growing a delicate flower. You have to spend a lot of time in the preparation phase where you see almost no results. However, once things start moving, they’ll just continue to blossom.

Use the advice provided above to craft the best content marketing strategy for increasing your client base. Give them everything they expect from you, and more. You’ll be thrilled to see the results of your effort.

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