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Are You Still Making Social Media Schoolboy Errors?


Are You Still Making Social Media Schoolboy Errors?

Like a lot of you reading this, I get daily contact from people that have “an app that will change my life” or “an app that will get me tons of leads I don’t have” etc, etc.

I’m used to people pitching, and with me being “out there” in social it comes with the territory.

This contact was slightly different as “the pitcher” was recommended by a friend.

I knew it was going to be a “pitched at” as the person was cagey about what they wanted to see me about, anyway I was in London anyway so agreed to meet the person. The meeting went like this:

Pitcher: It’s great to meet you, in your role at Oracle would you be interested in …

Me: Can I stop you a second, I left Oracle 5 months ago …

Pitcher: So what are you doing now?

Me: I run an agency that helps companies increase revenue and gain competitive advantage using Social.

Pitcher: Would you be interested in two events?

Me: No, we believe in the power of digital and social and don’t do events.

At that point, the conversation became what people might call in Social Media *awkward*.

Sorry but in 2016, there are no excuses why the “pitcher” didn’t look me up on Social first, surely as an “A-Player” salesperson you would want to qualify your sales and make sure your time and efforts were used wisely?

Are there really people out there that think that the sales tactics of the 1990s work today? Are people still working into meetings with senior execs and asking “what keeps you up at night?”

In sales you only have 200 days in which to over achieve your number, time is precious, you need to use it wisely. Social can short cut some of the basic sales tasks enabling you to spend more time in front of customers, that is, the right customers.

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