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Digital Marketing is Dead


Digital Marketing is Dead

Podcast by: Scott King | The Scott King Show

In this episode, Tim and I talk about how digital marketing is being blocked by our short attention spans and ad blockers. Tim goes on further to state, “ digital marketing is dead ”, since fewer people pay attention to ad and messages pushed out from brands. Tim goes on further to describe what is in his 12-week social selling class and provides some case studies on how he got into big account plus how a CEO used social selling on him.

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Questions During Episode

  1. What does Digital Leadership Associates do for social?
  2. How do you describe social selling?
  3. How do you recommend people remain visible until the timing is right for the prospect or customer?
  4. What is your view on what a salesperson should have on their LinkedIn profile?
  5. Digital marketing is ramping up not down. Why do you think it is dead?
  6. If companies are looking into digital marketing, could they skip a step and go straight to social selling?
  7. If a sales guy can only control his own actions why do they depend on so many other factors like digital marketing?
  8. If all solutions solve a problem how do you recommend sales people break through all of the digital noise?
  9. How much time should a sales guy spend on LinkedIn and Twitter? Or social media for that matter.
  10. How do you connect to someone that is not on social?
  11. What do you do in your free time if not collecting vinyl?
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