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Social Selling

Hacking the Buying Process


Hacking the Buying Process

Our book —“Social Selling – Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers” had a working title “Hacking the Buying Process” — it is aimed at salespeople, marketers and brands who are looking to use social networks to sell.

Hacking the Buying Process

Today, the traditional B2B sales process is struggling for two reasons. Firstly, people are less willing to be interrupted by phone calls and emails. Secondly, the way people buy has changed. It’s now far more common to find that customers are researching their needs in complex B2B sales themselves using online and offline social networks.

A Digital World is Flat

This social change itself is underpinned by a greater democratisation within businesses. Rather than businesses being run top-down from C-suite to regular employee, businesses are now seeking out and rewarding “changemakers” into the organisation that can go out and find ideas, products, or services in the greater world that can brought into to the benefit of the business. The benefit of this approach is that all levels of the organisation tree are driving innovation and improvement within the business.

All of this means that a) most of the buying process is done even before the salesperson gets involved with the opportunity, and that b) greater democratisation occurs, levelling the playing field between salesperson and purchaser.

The Social Salesperson is Born

This book looks to turn a traditional B2B salesperson into a “social salesperson” — i.e. one that uses influence, authority, and engagement on social networks to find and interact with “changemakers” within target organisations, hacking this new buying process. Rather than working through a list of CxOs and attempting to engage them in endless pitches, the social salesperson finds the changemakers, builds social trust, and presents win-win deals.

“Social Selling – Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers” is available for pre-order and for readers of this we are happy to offer an exclusive 20% off code which is #‎CHANGEMAKER‬ just follow this link

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