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Is Your Organisation Future Centric?


Is Your Organisation Future Centric?

Previously we have written about operating models and how many companies business models are no longer fit for purpose.  Why?

Business models were designed around IT systems or were designed to be used for ten or twenty years.  We all know the world does not operate like that anymore.

Thinking about our own circumstances about how things have changed and corresponding business processes need changing too. 

How many phones have we had?  Blackberrys, Nokia, iPhones, let’s not forget how fast the technology has changed.  In my life time we’ve had vinyl records, CDs, iTunes and now people stream music. 

While in the Business to Business (B2B) word things don’t move so fast, but we do bring our Business to Consumer (B2C) expectations to work with us.  We all expect a Facebook like, user interface on the IT systems we use at work.  We all expect to get access to data and information at the speed we use Google and the internet in our own private lives.

Add to that the internet and Social is transforming our world, according to Research from Hootsuite and We Are Social

  • 53% –  4 Billion people are on the internet.
  • 42% –  3.2 Billion people use Social Media

And while many people think that social media growth has plateaued, in fact the average world-wide social media growth is 13% (in 2017).

It’s interesting (to me anyway) that as the internet spreads across the world (more people have access to the internet, than don’t) how social media is pretty much behind it, tracking.


Because people are social.  People like talking with people.  It’s free and to use the current buzz word, it’s friction less.  Meaning, none of us have been on a Facebook course, we get on and use it.  The key also about social media is that people are not being forced to be there they are there of their own free will.  And more importantly, want to be there.

Now as business we can ignore these facts, we can ban our employees from using social media, hoping it’s just a fad and will go away, or we can embrace it and create an environment where are employees can thrive, communicate and actually over achieve their sales number by using social.

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But Social Media Is The Responsibility of Marketing Right?  Wrong?

In the life cycle of social media, it has often seen as being a subset of Marketing and Digital Marketing.  But in fact social should be used by Organisations as a central hub, of which departments will use social.  Often in the past this was called employee advocacy, they enabling of all employees to use social media.  But things have moved on.

Social is an enabling tool for both internal and external communication.  It can be used strategically and differently in each department; sales, marketing, HR, supply chain, etc.  Employee advice just assumes each employee will distribute content.  While that is interesting, all this is is throwing mud at the wall and hoping it will stick.  Using social strategically intrinsically creates an environment, a step change, that will give the enterprise the processes needed for the 21st century.  As well as the enhancements for incremental revenue and competitive advantage.

Now I understand that many people will read this and say, rubbish, not in my time or that all sounds futuristic.  Which is great.  But if you are brave and fancy taking that step to transform your organisation with social, “social first” we call it.  Get in touch, we would love to talk to you.

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