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Social Enables You to Conquer The World


As we approach our two year anniversary as a business, as CEO, I’m starting to reflect on the business since we started. I’ve just come off a webinar on what it’s like to run a global business. Can you imagine that, I run a global business and I did that in 18 months? I always get asked, what is the secret? Or what was it that triggered our decision to go global?

I need to talk to my co-founder Adam about this but I don’t think it was a decision, it was something that “just happened”. Why? Well we are a social business and therefore our audience is social and global. I also don’t think we are surprised, I don’t mean this to sound arrogant, but life runs on a global business, I have friends throughout the world. Why wouldn’t my business be like that too?

With 80% of the Internet enabled world’s population on social, people find us.

I could put it down to the fact that Adam and I both had EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) roles before, or the fact we work with global companies. But that would make it sound like a strategy. It was obliquity.

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Social is global, our network is global, I have friends (through social) who are global so why wouldn’t DLA be global?

So what can you do?

  1. Get on social – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  2. Post engaging, interesting and educational content.
  3. Spend time growing your network, find interesting people, engage with them. Follow them, retweet them, talk to them.
  4. Better still, write some material, this blog is a great example. Nothing too taxing offering people a quick solution to a problem. I wrote it on the train home from London.
  5. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Nobody on social is or has been an overnight success.
  6. You can do this all organically you don’t need to buy ads or sponsor posts, people want authenticity.

That’s it, being on social media does not need you to fill in any forms or work differently, just the time and effort that you are willing to invest.

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