Social Selling with Pride

I’m currently reading “Be More Pirate” by Sam Connie Allende and it’s a really insightful book. If we put some of the pirate psychopaths to one side they had a code which in the in the 17th century would have have been revolutionary in certainly is in the 21st Century, which other organisation has a policy that:

  • Supports same sex marriage right down to rights on the death of a spouse?
  • The Captain (CEO) can only earn more than 6 times the lowest deck hand?
  • A diversity policy, after all, anybody can be a pirate?
  • A check and balance to decision making, while the Captain was the CEO the quartermaster had a same level of authority and could vote against the Captain?
  • Many of us would want to work for a company like that.

    Putting the pay to one side, Adam my co-founder and I earn the least in the company as we re-invest the money back in the business.

    That said, we want people that share our purpose that we are changing the world with social media . We want to work with clients that want to make a difference and as we come up to our second year anniversary, I can proudly say that all of our clients have seen both a revenue uplift and a competitive advantage. Whereas once social selling and social transformation people questioned the ROI, nobody asks that question anymore!

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    As a business, we understand that while our customers are important, our employees are paramount to our success. It is our employees attitude, writings on social media that people judge us by, they will judge what this businesses attitude is and we want to make sure that we reflect the businesses and communities we work in.

    A friend of mine is ex-Navy and he told me this story, which I can related to. (This is about the Navy rather than Pirates.) The navy have a belief system that goes back to the days of Nelson that “any problem can be overcome” by a group of diverse minds and attitudes.

    Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) we to believe in diversity and inclusion and we totally support our LGBT colleagues as we all support Pride in London.