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The Secret of Creating Content


Written by: Adam Gray

At Digital Leadership Associates we are lucky enough to work with some fantastic companies. Some of those companies have truly outstanding people working for them, but mostly they all have a fear of creating content.

Recently my daughter was away on a summer course for theatre arts (close to Tim’s house) so she and I spent a week living with Tim and his partner. Because we don’t get to spend days on end together we decided that we would make the most of this an hothouse some ideas for new IP for the company and produce some content. So we did.

We decided to focus on video for this week and we had about 2 days when we drafted what we wanted to say and shot some videos. We managed to shoot over 60 1-2 minute videos in those two days. We shot them all on an iPhone and have already started to post them.

When we tell our clients that they need to do this they are usually scared. But we don’t have a studio, we haven’t got a videographer we can use, we need to write a script…

No you don’t. Would the videos be better with a professional videographer? Yes, of course they would. Would the videos be better if you sat-down and scripted them? Possibly. Would you look better is you were professionally made-up and lit? Probably.

But that is NOT the point.

The point is, as the Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz said, that “the enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan”and we often see that talented people who are engaging and articulate have set such high expectations of themselves that they are seldom happy enough with their work to publish it – blogs, videos, podcasts – whatever it may be they simply haven’t the confidence to create and share on a regular basis.

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This is a barrier that people MUST overcome if they want to be able to access the true power of social media.

If you don’t think that publishing a few short video will have an impact…

We published a video on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then on Friday we published a video about how much engagement we had with those three videos. To think about what we were going to say, shoot, upload those 4 videos cannot have taken us longer than 15 minutes in total, yet by Sunday afternoon we had already received 13,500 views and had 173 likes and 90 comments. The output from that was that Tim & I between us had about 40 additional connection requests on LinkedIn and as a company we received 9 more inbound enquires than we would have expected.

Could the results have been better if we had produced the content “more professionally”? Yes, I’m sure they could. But the thing is that if we had waited…and not produced the content that week…and not uploaded the content immediately because we were trying to do it perfectly…we would still be waiting.

Everyone that wants to be successful in this space needs to “do” stuff. Don’t think about writing that blog tomorrow, do it now. Don’t book a studio for next week, shoot it now. Because remember that the thing people are buying is YOU (and your expertise) and getting your content to your potential market as quickly and as often as you possibly can is the difference between success and failure.

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