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Alert: Beware of Pension Poachers Targeting Veterans


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You’d think that after all our vets have sacrificed for our country that somehow slimy manipulators wouldn’t go after them specifically.  But, sadly, vets are prime targets for so called “veteran’s advocates”, whose objective is to get their money.  Here’s how they work:

The objective is to sell vets annuities, which tie up a person’s money for years and years.  Annuities of this kind are usually not at all suitable for an aging person.  The seller, a company owned or backed by an insurance company, offers veterans a free lunch “educational” seminar.  An insurance salesperson is the front for this presentation. They go after elderly residents of retirement homes and assisted-living facilities and convince them that they can get free  Aid and Attendance pension benefits offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

These benefits do exist, but no one who is wealthy qualifies for them.  The vets at the seminar are persuaded to “reposition their assets” in order to apply for the benefits.  Unwitting senior veterans are sold annuities so that they can qualify. Of course that generates handsome commissions and profits for the insurance agent and insurance company.

The insurance companies and their agents selling the annuities go after wealthy seniors in expensive retirement facilities, because people who are truly qualified for Aid and Attendance have no money. They induce the senior to put large amounts of money into an irrevocable trust so they appear poor and can thus apply for free Aid and Attendance. 

The wealthy senior vets who get taken by these scammers would never qualify for Aid and Attendance anyway, as one must be low income and with very limited assets to be eligible.  Buying annuities does not fix that.

A prominent attorney has now filed a lawsuit against one of these insurance companies and the agent who held himself out as a volunteer for veterans when he was really a salesman. Fraud is alleged in the lawsuit, filed in Riverside County Superior Court in CA. We at hope the case is successful.

How do these slick salesmen who outright lie to senior vets keep getting away with these schemes?  The annuity sale scams are a problem nationwide.  Victims of financial elder abuse rarely report the abuse. They are elderly, get overwhelmed with the vicious battle the insurance companies will put up to defend their actions and they don’t want to do it.

If you would like to do your part to warn your aging clients or family members about these vet-targeted annuity scams, please send out emails or letters to them and warn them to be alert to the problem.  Get your free sample email or letter form from by clicking HERE. Information is power and implementation of this information can protect your clients.


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