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What Is a Legacy and Why Should You Care?


What Is a Legacy and Why Should You Care?

Guest Contributor: Robb Lucy

Everyone has legacies. We create them – good and bad – when we’re alive. The secret to a happy life is to create legacies we love and are proud of.  But exactly what is a legacy….and, really,  why should you care?

I’m Robb Lucy, the host of the Legacy Café Podcast. Now, I wouldn’t ask you to spend your valuable time listening to this podcast unless I could find answers to those questions.

In this short inaugural podcast, I’ll tell you how I was intrigued by the idea of my, and your, legacies, and I’ll play a number of short clips from people you’ll be hearing from in future podcasts.  If you like listening to smart people who know their stuff, you’ll make the Legacy Café a weekly ‘must listen’.

So, grab a coffee or a cuppa tea, click the player button below the image, and join me for about 8 minutes.

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