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Will You Become a Legacy Advocate Before Your Competitors Do?


Will You Become a Legacy Advocate Before Your Competitors Do?

A ‘legacy tsunami’ has been building over the past several years and is now coming ashore. 

As Baby Boomers retire at a rate of 10,000 per day, many begin to lose their sense of purpose and look for validation in their lives. 

Truth is, these family elders possess an immense wealth of life lessons and experiences that can inspire and enrich the family throughout their golden years and well beyond. Sharing this wisdom can renew their purpose and help build their legacy.

All they need is for someone to ask! 

Typically, family members are too busy raising their own children to have a legacy talk with elders… until it is too late. 

To fill the vacuum, a growing number of forward thinking financial/estate planners and senior care providers are adding value to their services by engaging in fascinating legacy story discussions with their clients. 

With the new DOL Fiduciary Rule, Financial Advisors are compelled to act within the ‘best interests’ of their clients and their families, and engaging in legacy talks is fast becoming the preferred option.

This trend is shaping the future of the financial services industry as demonstrated by Shari Burnum who presented a TED Talk on the subject at the 2016 Annual Raymond James Conference. 

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Senior care providers nationwide are differentiating themselves in a crowded and competitive landscape by adding legacy talks to their care plans. 

With demand accelerating exponentially it won’t be long before clients will expect legacy services to be offered by the professionals that serve them. 

In the near term this trend presents a rare opportunity to differentiate and draw clients away from the competition. On the flip side, the risk of inaction by advisors and providers is they can become less relevant in their field, resulting in the potential loss of clients to legacy advocates. 

The reward for being among the first legacy advocates in your area can be what distinguishes you from your peers and solidifies your hold on your clients. The question is, will you become a legacy advocate before or after your competitors do?

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