Why Financial Institutions Are Aggressively Designing Lending Solutions for Breakaways

We have determined that advisors thinking of breaking away should not let the fear of inadequate lending solutions for their clients deter them from considering the independent space. In this white paper, the third in our industry series, we examine several of the many avenues available to RIAs looking to provide sophisticated, competitively-priced lending solutions to their clients.

The breakaway movement continues to gain momentum in wealth management as captive advisors within the wirehouse community discover the many benefits of Independence.

Leading wirehouse advisors desire equity ownership, succession planning solutions, more control over the products and services they offer clients, better technology both for them and their clients, and escape from the dreaded and ever-changing “payout grid.” These advisors often cite the cultural erosion of their once-beloved firm as the key driver forcing them out. They want to build their own culture at their own firm, with their clients’ needs placed first and foremost. Before they can do that, however, they need to know how to offer the same products and services they always have.

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