10 Blog Ideas For Financial Advisors

If you've ever shared a post on social media or written an email or you wrote the content yourself and you shared a personal story, you may have been surprised to find that you got way more reactions to that personal story or photo or piece of content that you wrote that original blog post than anything else you're sharing. That's because when we infuse personal storytelling pictures, memories, peek behind the scenes into our social media content and blogging strategy, the engagement goes through the roof. If you're looking for an easy way to get more engagement, you want to share more personal stories and behind-the-scenes. So today, I have 10 blog post ideas that financial advisors specifically can use to boost engagement, and these are creative, original posts that you can write to help you connect more with your audience. So let's dive right in.

1 A Meet The Team Post

Number one: A meet the team post. So you can interview different people in your office, you can share your own story – but behind-the-scenes - you can ask everybody questions you know where's your favorite place to go on vacation? If you had to eat the same food for dinner every night what would you choose? It can be really really just creative type questions, but it allows people to get to know your staff better.

2. Five of My All-Time Favorite Books

Number two: Five of my all-time favorite books. This could be something that is just books that have impacted you, it could be novels, it could be business books. You can even make this a series of different categories if you want it.

3. Financial News That I read Every Day That's Worth Your Time Too

Number three: Financial news that I read every day that's worth your time too. So this is just a great way to show people what you're reading, where you're getting your information, and give them a peek into how you start your day and what you're digesting in terms of where you're getting that financial news from.

4. A Peek At Our Own Family Budget

Number four: A peek at our own family budget. So I think people are so curious to know if they are working with a financial planner and how they're managing this. So you don't, of course, have to give numbers but giving percentages of this is how much percent we spend on this vs. this is a great way to connect with your audience.

5. How We Plan And Budget To Take Memorable Vacations

Number five: How we plan and budget to take memorable vacations. So sharing your strategy for travel. Travel is so important to so many people and so many people are trying to budget and save for it. Show how YOU do it. To see the rest, check out our post here. Related: How To Get People To Comment On Your Social Media Posts