122 Clients in 12 Months from Digital Marketing

If you've ever doubted whether social media can generate new business for advice firms, Daniel Brown is about to blow those thoughts into last week.

As Founder, CEO and newly award-nominated adviser at Newcastle Financial Planning Group, Daniel isn't a marketing consultant with great ideas. He's a practitioner who built his practice from the ground up and made a call very early on that he would be the one to mastering the marketing game.

And master it he has.

When we caught up in Cebu last month, very early on in the conversation I realised that I was talking to someone who had two extremely valuable skillsets: understanding the business of advice and understanding how to market it online. The results speak for themselves. In the last 12 months alone, his marketing efforts - spanning weekly content marketing (blogs), marketing with strategic partners, rebranding, Adwords and more - have resulted in 122 new clients and $1.2m in revenue. At this Insight Masterclass, Daniel and I are going to explore how he's done it, by talking what it is he does differently that has made such a significant difference and the secrets to mastering one of the most important skills any adviser ready to make the mindset shift to entrepreneur-who-happens-to deliver-great-advice must make. Related: Articulating the Value of Your Advice