4 Details About Manny Pacquiao’s Crypto Token IEO Launch

Written By: Howard Goldstein Manny Pacquiao, a world boxing champion and popular politician in the Philippines, will be looking to punch his way into the crypto world this week with the launch of the Pac Token. The world boxing champion has grown his fan base across the globe owing to his humble beginnings in the Philippines and his steady rise to world status.

PAC Tokens will be offered on the GCOX

The PAC Tokens (PAC) will be the first celebrity-backed cryptocurrency, a trend that is bound to grow as the crypto world continues to look for ways to turn cryptocurrencies into a viable investment tool. PAC Tokens will be molded around the popularity of Manny Pacquiao, giving fans a trade-able and quantifiable token. It is a great chance for millions across the globe to finally get links to the celebrity boxer’s brand, bespoke programs, and exclusive access to the celebrity boxer - all through blockchain technology. Users will be able to swap the crypto on the exchange or use it to purchase products around the world. Fans can also buy exclusive merchandise through PAC Tokens. The PAC Tokens will first have their IEO on November 12th, 2019 via the GCOX exchange.

Why is Manny Pacquiao such a big name across the globe?

Aside from being a decorated boxer through his career, Manny Pacquiao (also known as Pac Man) is also a Senator in his native country, the Philippines. He commands great admiration from his followers and his Token has so far got a lot of community support. Consequently, there’s been a lot of media buzz surrounding the token since it was first announced during a July 2019 concert, with channels like MSN and Yahoo helping to spread the word to Manny’s huge global fan base. With the kind of endorsements outside politics and the boxing ring, you can expect his name to continue ringing as he also has many endorsement deals, appears in movies and has an image on a postal stamp. He’s also believed to be in close consultation with Alibaba founder, Jack Ma, regarding the launch and overall future of the Pac Token, an element that is bound to hype the launch of the tokens.

GCOX Platform – Fans can interact with celebrities closer

The Pac Token is slated to launch on the GCOX Exchange. The GCOX group operates from South East Asia and has now developed a model through which celebrities will be able to interact with investors through personalized tokens. GCOX is licensed and has already attracted the interest of many brands and celebrities who have upcoming projects. It is a fun, convenient and safe way for users on the GCOX platform to interact with celebrities via blockchain tech. Why is the celebrity-fan connection different on the GCOX platform? Previously, a celebrity would probably make a video broadcast or a social media update through which he or she would see feedback from the fans at most. With this new model from GCOX, a celebrity and his community can exchange value between each other as they decide what is valuable and what is not. Furthermore, since a celebrity can create a token that can compete versus other currencies, GCOXis that innovative platform that gives celebrities and fans some bargaining power on the global financial system.

The numbers in the PAC IEO

The Pac IEO will have only a total of 700,000 PAC tokens offered. This is a decent figure considering the number of fans and investors who may be planning to be part of the process. Each token will cost $0.30 and the IEO window will only be open from 12th to 14th November. Related: The Market Is Still Showcasing its Ongoing Acceleration Phase