4 Questions for Advisors About Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, how smart are you? Let's find out today with a quick game of true or false. I'm Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and I have four questions for you. All you need to do is write down whether you think the answer is true or false, and we'll see how many you get right at the end.

Question #1 So, let's dive right in.

Question number one: websites that have a calendar link right on their homepage have a higher conversion rate overall than those that do not. The answer is true. If you have not done this already, it seems too good to be true. But it really is a really simple way to increase your conversion rate. It's simply to put a calendar link where someone can schedule a time with you right on the homepage of your website. And if you think about it, it makes sense. They don't need to fill out a form or send you an e-mail. They can just book a meeting and know they'll have a time slot to talk to you next week or whenever they're available.

Question #2 Moving on.

Question number two: If you want the highest possible conversion for forms that you do have right so if someone needs to download a white paper or get a guide that they have to fill out a form, three form fields or less is going to give you the highest conversions. Is that true or false? False. It's actually just two or less, and that seems like not a lot of information to collect from people, but that's the whole idea - the less information that you have to get from someone, the more likely they are to fill it out and your conversion rate will go up.

Question #3

Okay, moving on to question number three: emails that have the word "video" in the subject line get 19% more opens than those that do not. Is that true or false? True. It's just another statistic showing us how much consumers love video. We all have short attention spans, and if we can watch a video or listen to it rather than having to read about it, we often will prefer that type of content. So if you aren't already incorporating video into your marketing strategy, get started.

Question #4 Okay last question.

Question number four: having Google reviews for your business will increase your ranking when someone is doing searches locally for businesses like yours. True or False? That's also true. So Google reviews are a huge component to the overall algorithm that Google uses to rank businesses when someone is doing a search right. So "Financial Advisor in Phoenix, Arizona." That's a local search, someone's looking for a local business and those businesses that have Google reviews, it's a really held belief between all SEO experts that those Google reviews make a huge difference in increasing your ranking for those types of searches. So those were our four questions today for true or false. If you got all four right, great job you're doing great! If you got only two or three or even only one, then you need to spend some time on Twenty Over Ten's YouTube channel. Every week we share a quick video tip to give you stats and takeaways and tips just like this that you can use to improve your own digital marketing strategy as a financial advisor. So if you haven't subscribed already, subscribe below and check back next week for another video tutorial. Thanks everyone. Have a great day. Related: How to Create Top-Ranking Page Titles for your Advisor Website