5 Ways Alternative Medicine will Shape the Wellness Industry in 2020

Written by: Peter Minkoff The wellness industry has been on the rise for years now all across the globe, as emerging economies have made it possible for people of various income statuses to focus more on leisurely activities, hobbies, and their personal health. The same can be said for established and prominent economies where the excess of income allows people to continuously work towards their health goals, longevity, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. This trend has made it possible for other industries to rise as a result, fueling the ever-increasing consumer potential of CBD, and the popularizing the alternative medicine industry as well.This should come as no surprise, as alternative medicine brings numerous potential benefits to the modern health-conscious individual, and when complemented by western medicine and its practices, it can help people lead healthier lives overall. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how alternative medicine is going to shape health, fitness, and wellness in general in the new decade.

Emotional wellness is at the forefront of alternative medicine

When people think of health, fitness, and longevity, they usually think of their physical health first. And unsurprisingly so, as we tend to notice the physical problems or the things we would like to change about their exterior image, first. However, even though the wellness industry is typically primarily focused on physical health, it’s important to note that one of the key focus areas of alternative medicine is to heal the mind, as well as the “soul”. Emotional well-beingis the emphasis here, and startups as well as professionals in the field of alternative medicine are increasingly developing practices and remedies to alleviate stress and anxiety, and bring peace and happiness to your everyday life. This is achieved through an increasing number of meditation studios, breathing workshops, and educational seminars that help people deal with day-to-day stress and ultimately banish it from their life.

The industry is embracing science

For too long, alternative medicine has been veiled in mystery as to the inner workings of its natural remedies as well as the numerous practices that have survived in some cultures for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Now that science and western medicine have advanced to the point where researching the effectiveness of certain treatment methods is easy and cost-efficient, startups and professionals in the alternative medicine industry can finally start to support their claims with scientific data.This creates an opportune environment for western and traditional medicine as well, as healthcare professionals can start prescribing more natural remedies now that scientific data is able to back them up. This is also a great opportunity for businesses to branch out, such as Walmart Healththat aims to disrupt US healthcare by making it more accessible to all and offering a variety of treatment options for those in need.

Medicinal plants are booming around the world

One of the biggest trends in the alternative medicine industry is the rise of medicinal plants and herbs around the world, as well as the fact that an increasing number of countries are passing legislation that supports or even legalizes the use of certain plants. One of the most obvious examples is marijuana and the way it soared in popularity across the globe in recent years, especially in China and Southeast Asia.In Asia, for example, prominent news portals such as Week in Chinaare regularly reporting on marijuana’s increasing popularity, and how the Chinese mainland is home to half of the globe’s cropland for legal cannabis – an industry that is predicted to rise to 16 billion US dollars by 2025. This is an amazing upward trend, one that will push alternative medicine forward and continue to reshape the wellness industry around the world. By monitoring these trends and following reputable news portals, aspiring business leaders can uncover new opportunities in both industries as well.

Creating a new brand experience

Both the wellness and the alternative medicine industries are highly-saturated and highly-competitive markets, so it should come as no surprise that in 2020 and beyond, we will witness the rise of experiential branding. The key focus of new brands in both fields are to develop a unique competitive advantage by creating an innovative brand experience in their stores.Brands are doing their best to embody their core values and identities in their stores by creating meditation spaces, wellness sections, free workshops, healthy-oriented eateries, and more. All of this aims to take the customer on a unique journey and inspire them to take better care of their emotional and physical self.

Focus on personal contact

Ultimately, alternative medicine is about empowerment and inspiration. This is achieved through personal contact, which is why professionals in the field and brands are nowadays putting emphasis on the individual. The goal here is to detach from the cold and distant practices of western medicine, and bring a more personalized experience to the modern health-conscious consumer. The results are heightened positivity and feelings of peace and calm, as well as an empowered mindset that can lead to faster recovery down the road.

Wrapping up

Alternative medicine has been on the rise in recent decades, and now that it is growing in scientific support as well, it is rapidly pushing the wellness industry forward. In 2020 and beyond, these trends will dominate the wellness market, and shape the next generation of consumers.Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle and health editor at HighStyleLifemagazine. Follow Peter on Twitterfor more tips.

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