6 Smart Home Technology Upgrades

Written by: Sam Radbil | Abodo

Add Value to Your Home or Apartment

We’re always trying to add value to our residences, and we wonder exactly what is the best method to add the most value for the least amount of investment. While landscaping improvements can help, and a bathroom remodel is right up there when considering which improvements will translate into the biggest value increase, you really should consider tech upgrades because so many people assign high value to them.

Check out this cant-miss list of six popular tech hacks:

Smart Thermostat

Those old round mechanical thermostats that you would find in your parents’ house belong in a museum now. You no longer need a device with a spring attached to a glass bulb containing mercury to set your ambient room temperature. Modern smart thermostats interface with your mobile device or computer and let you control the temperature from anywhere. Those days where you left your AC at 70 degrees before you left to go on vacation can be long gone if you invest in a reasonably priced smart thermostat.


Get rid of those fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs and switch to LED lighting. LEDs come in numerous sizes now, and their design often mimics traditional bulbs. When paired with a smart lighting app, LEDs can be controlled from anywhere and hues along with brightness and all be configured through the app.


No, big solar panels are just not necessary to break into the solar power arena. Instead, you can buy a windowsill solar unit that can manufacture enough juice to light up a bedroom and run a computer. You can buy these units sometime for under $50, and then the power they create will be absolutely free.


Smart watering is a great way to get a seriously valuable tech upgrade. First, install a sprinkler system; then, instead of having it manually controlled, pair it with a smart app and do all of the watering calculations on your mobile device from wherever you are. The really fine apps will interface with the local weather forecast so you can avoid that silly situation where you are watering the grass during a thunderstorm.


Whether you live in a small Columbus, Ohio apartmentor a huge condo in New York City, we’re all the same, and everyone loves security upgrades. If you first get a smart entryway system that can help you avoid physical keys and pair that with a doorknob that includes a camera, you will be able to see anyone that is approaching your entryway. Excellent systems will also allow you to converse with people at your door and even scare away would-be intruders before they cause any trouble.


Greywater is wastewater from tubs, sinks and washing machines that can be recycled and used to water your garden areas. While a sophisticated system might be a little pricey, you can get in on the greywater action manually by merely saving wastewater and physically taking it out to the garden.Any upgrades you do will add some value to your home, but if you choose any of the six mentioned above, you should at least see these improvements pay for themselves when it comes time to sell your property.Related: 7 Money Saving Tips for College Students