8 Holiday Gift Ideas Financial Advisors Can Send To Clients

We all have our eyes on the next big holiday, Christmas. So even though it's already December 2nd, I know many of you still may not have figured out what you're going to send your clients for holiday gifts this year, and you still have lots of time.


Recently, Ryan Hughes of Bull Oak Capital posted on Twitter asking other advisors for advice on what they send their clients for Christmas every year. And a really great thread erupted on Twitter with tons of suggestions. We took a bunch of those suggestions directly from the advisors who suggested them and turned them into a blog post that you can find on our blog, which we linked below that not only lists out the suggestions but also links to the different places where you can go and purchase those gifts for yourself.


So today I'm going to share eight of those ideas with you that I thought were really really fabulous.


Send Treats From A Local Business

So idea number one- find a local business in your area and send ice cream or baked goods or other treats from that local business to your local clients. And even if you have clients in a couple of different areas, you could choose local businesses near where they're located and send something from there.


Send A Personalized Gift

Idea number two - number two is a personalized gift. So if you have a hundred clients or something you could get picture frames that say "The Russell family," "The Smith Family" so they each get their own personalized gift, and Things Remembered is a really great place to do that.


Donate Time or Money To A Charity On Behalf Of Your Client

Idea number three was to donate either your time or money to a local charity on behalf of the client. And doesn't even have to be a charity. Some of the ideas suggested were really great like you could donate gifts to a local nursing home, or to a school so that they can help feed kids over the weekend that are food insecure. So I love that idea of thinking outside the box when it comes to charity.


Send Pies Or Baked Goods

Idea number four was to send pies or other baked goods, but I specifically love the idea of pies for Christmas. But you could also let your clients know if for some reason they don't want the pie, you could then donate the one in their honor to a local family that needs it.


Create An Online Store

Idea number five was an online store. So there was one adviser who had set up this whole store with different credit tiers for different clients and they get their credits and they can go shopping and choose exactly what they want. So it might be a Yeti tumbler or a nice pullover, but they're going to choose exactly what they want, which I think is really great to customize it that way.



Idea number six was champagne. There's an advisor who said that every year they do a different bottle of champagne in really cool packaging. All the champagne companies put them out for the holidays and that their clients love it.


Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

Idea number seven was fresh evergreen wreath. I love this. So many people are drawn to consumables, but they might get a lot of treats during the year. So a beautiful evergreen wreath to decorate your front door is a great idea. And if you start doing it year after year, your clients will know they don't need to buy one because you're going to be sending them one. So I love that idea as well.


Holiday Decor Collection From Tommy Bahama

And the last one I'm going to share with you, I wasn't aware of this but Tommy Bahama actually has a great holiday decor collection for your home, and there was an advisor who suggested choosing some things from the holiday decor collection and sending them to your client. So again another thing to just liven up their home and make it really special for the holidays.I'm Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and we hope you have a fantastic holiday season. If you'd like to subscribe to our YouTube channel, you'll get notified every week when we share a new marketing tip to help you with your business. Thanks, everyone.Related: How to Write Social Media Posts That Get The Most Clicks