Are You Building A Unique Brand?

The art of building a unique brand applies to all businesses and individuals, too.

The standalone knowledge of sales is not enough for remaining in business. Our uniqueness is to be on display every way possible. The purpose is the reason why we are in business and how we help our clientele. It also differentiates us from everyone else in the crowded arena.
“Multiple disciplines are to feed into one another for efficiency and effectiveness.
We grabbed the opportunity to witness the World Series celebration in honor of the Washington Nationals held in D.C. Knowing many thousands of people would be cheering them on; we took public transportation. As we exited the Metro Station near the D.C. Mall, I was asked by several vendors if I’d like a baseball cap or T-shirt commemorating the win. After politely rejecting the offer, I asked my husband, “Why would I want to purchase memorabilia sponsored by Walgreens?” He laughed but understood my point! Walgreens?” He laughed but understood my point! Walgreens Logo Take a moment to compare the two logos of the two corporations.  I’ll let you decide which is which.  One is barely distinct from the other. There are only minor differences. People like me, not as familiar with team fanfare, will confuse the two. Numerous people likely turned down the memorabilia for the same reason. It is also likely that sales were unnecessarily lost. A logo represents who you are and what you do. Knowing your purpose for being in business gives way to a mission statement. The threesome, logo, purpose, and mission statement become a powerful tool for building a unique brand. All other activities join together under the identity umbrella. The practices and procedures are to follow. The identity umbrella is significant because not everything works as we expect. We can quickly eliminate what does not work while keeping the rest covered.

Building A Unique Brand

Your personality and communication style contribute significantly to your unique brand. People will remember you positively or negatively. How do others describe you and the way you deliver services? Consider how you may maximize a positive word of mouth and increase referrals. Give thought to your most memorable past experiences and answer these questions:
  • What is the significance of the events that immediately come to mind?
  • Did the occasions speak well for you, or do you recognize a need for improvement?
  • Do you have a logo; if so, does your logo capture the essence of your business?
  • Do you emphasize a tagline that indicates your unique brand?
  • Does your mission statement influence others to listen?
A few years ago, the term sales enablement for corporate came into being. It refers to a more collaborative effort between the marketing and sales departments. Should more departments elect to join the team, sales will significantly increase. Entrepreneurs can mirror the same. By collaborating with others who have complementary expertise, you can dramatically boost each other’s business. Experimenting with ideas to see which work best will lead you to a brighter tomorrow. Commit to business excellence as you develop a unique brand. Initially, people may laugh, but eventually, heads will turn in admiration.

Sales Tips: Building A Unique Brand

  1. Embrace the mighty three; logo, purpose, and mission statement
  2. Succinctly deliver your mission statement when asked
  3. Create a memorable tagline
  4. Make your logo a standout symbol for all you do
  5. Capitalize on how you provide services differently from others in your field
  6. Study the latest marketing techniques for spreading the word about your business
  7. Research new social platforms that may enhance visibility and influence
  8. Ask current clients what they believe you can add to your offerings
  9. Create or participate in partner programs
  10. Celebrate Success!
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