Are You Ready for a More Abundant Decade Than We've Ever Experienced?

Happy New Decade! What will it hold? Indeed, a fool’s errand to predict, yes?

Perhaps a more abundant decade than we’ve ever experienced, technologically that is: speed (5G), ubiquity (IoT), automation (AI), experience (ExtendedReality), trust (Blockchain), movement (Autonomy). The future is bright. Think ahead ten years. Wait, think back ten years.What was life like at the end of 2009? The five most valuable companies? Walmart, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, GE and ConocoPhillips.Sense a trend of legacy, of the old guard? The iPhone had barely debuted, there were no iPads, no Uber, no airbnb. Netflix had just mailed its billionth DVD. The cloud was new, AWS was there but not Azure. We still did GPS using something called Garmin (remember? I didn’t think so). The five most valuable companies today? Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook.

So, now. welcome to the 20s! Which will make the 10s seem, well, kind of languorous.

Sure, social, mobile, data, and cloud will be prevalent but bigger changes are afoot. We'll see the perfect storm of artificial intelligence, the blockchain, autonomy and extended reality come into focus (and 5G, IoT, quantum computing, voice) along with a lot of other technologies (and business models) not even on our radar yet.Onward!

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