Covid Craziness and Racial Ramblings with Lauryn Williams

We are interrupting our regularly scheduled programming for the week to address the current events that are taking place around our country. Tension is HIGH this year and we want to have a meaningful discussion on race and racism. 

Today Worth Listenting host Lauryn Williams, 4x Olympian, Certified Financial Planner, and founder of Worth Winning, shares her perspective of what’s happening. She also shares actionable steps that anyone can take to work on making lasting change in overcoming racial injustice instead of just paying lip service to the “cause” on social media. 

In This Episode Lauryn Discusses:

  • The difference that technology and social media is making on shining a light on racial injustice
  • The problem with pushing the “speak up or be cancelled” agenda and why it’s OK to think before you jump into the conversation
  • The importance of reaching out for help or therapy if you need it. This is a traumatic time and people are feeling it. It’s OK to admit it and find support and guidance.
  • How you “don’t know what you don’t know” and it’s important to educate yourself (and this applies to all races)
  • A few specific things that the majority can do to support ending racial injustice
  • The importance of taking advantage of the opportunities and resources that are availabe to you as a minority.
  • How financial planners can be more intentional about diversifying their business
  • Why the “you can’t judge a book by a cover” is still so true

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