Entitlement Dysfunction: There's No Blue Pill

The only thing surprising about the recent headlines covering college admissions fraud is that we haven’t heard similar stories sooner.

Persons of extreme wealth or power are prone to suffer from Entitlement Dysfunction™ (ED). As their wealth or power increases, their capacity for moral and ethical discernment decreases.No one is immune. Even organized religion and the military have had to report debilitating outbreaks of ED.Related: Fiduciary Well-Being™ and the Formation of Trust

People suffering from ED:

  • Don’t have a well-defined ethos.
  • Will surround themselves with counsel that will tell them what’s legal, as opposed to what’s ethical.
  • Are toxic investors that often poison hardworking founders.
  • Are happy only when they make everyone else miserable.
  • Will attempt to cover up their disease with faux-philanthropy.
  • ED is highly contagious. Persons must susceptible are those in close proximity who lack courage, integrity, and character.And, there’s no blue pill. Transparency is the only known disinfectant. Even then, most suffering from ED will fake remorse.