Experimentation Propels Success as We Journey Forward

While most people will advocate their beliefs, it is a small percentage of the population that will pause to consider unique ideas. Experimentation will often propel our success as we journey forth.The idea of formal negotiation intrigued me upfront, but it was never a new concept. As early as I can remember, I always asked the question of ‘why?’ when the reasoning was not clear. Adults would get frustrated, but my response was, how can I be expected to carry out an idea if I don’t understand it? The initial framework gave me the desire to learn more as I entered the business arena.Studying the wisdom of thought leaders in the field opened my eyes wide. My main habit became asking questions of clientele. Most of the items on the list have nothing to do with what I was selling but more about the person in my presence. By learning more about the person, I was able to understand what was important to them. The new knowledge helped to advance the potential sale.

Unusual Questions To Consider Asking:

  • How long have you been in your position?
  • What attracted you to your career?
  • Is there something special you hope to accomplish in your current role?
  • Admittedly, not everyone will have the confidence to ask the above questions. Most people will believe the asks to be personal and inappropriate. On some level the objections are valid. Just as the salesperson may be timid about the inquiries, the prospective client is hesitant to get to know their representative. Upfront it may appear as if we are wasting time asking the unusual questions.Entrepreneurs and top producing salespeople almost always pause to consider unique ideas. Better results come from mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart conversations. The surprising part is people love it when you ask questions about their career and personal insights. An enthusiastic discussion develops, and possibilities expand on many levels.By the end of every initial meeting, I intuitively knew whether I could forecast a future sale. Although managers initially disapproved of my methods, they eventually came to realize the power of unique ideas.Related: Listen for Possibilities in the Goals of Your ProspectsFor the most part, salespeople are highly competitive. The idea of a collaborative effort is seen as a foreign if not a unique idea. Even worse is the suggestion to give away our best insights and do so for free!I am one who quietly tested moving from competition to collaboration. I then went the extra step of providing my insights free of charge on other sites. The reward is enormous. Catcat let me know that my contributed course content is a hit on their website providing the following two paragraphs:“Coming from the highly competitive sales environment, Stutz took a chance on the entrepreneurial spirit and philosophy of embracing the collaborative effort. She admits although it was a scary idea to share the best of what she knows with those she does not know, the concept soon became her way of life. It’s a way of giving back to communities, and the reward is collectively witnessing the growth of others due to the effort.Stutz curated a course for Catcat, called “Trust is the Soul of Sales,” in January 2019. Since its publication, the course has been shared with over a million learners, and the course has earned a 5-star rating on the site. Today , Stutz proudly shares her second opportunity of being featured on the website, this time as a featured contributor.Reaching one million learners is no easy task, and Stutz exclaims she could not have done it without the help of Catcat. The collaborative effort leads the way!Most people are in such a hurry to accomplish everything on their list, and they brush off the unusual. And in many cases, the odd suggestions are met with ridicule. It is the brave individual willing to test the new that will eventually lead the way.Have recurring thoughts recently come to mind?

    Are you in a state of:

  • Ignoring the unique ideas
  • Procrastination
  • Charting out a new plan?
  • Whichever answer is yours, come to terms with why you are in the phase you find yourself. Ignoring a matter and procrastination only serve to put one out of business or provide the need to seek new work. Should either status be yours, first figure out the ‘why’ and then take action to improve the situation.Should you be in the midst of a new plan, recognize whether it’s more of the traditional methods or you are incorporating new ideas. Give thought to whether the project as it stands excites you. It is enthusiasm and excitement that paves the way for an improved outcome.

    Sales Tips: Pause to Consider for Unique Ideas

  • When an original idea strikes, stop to consider it from all angles.
  • If an idea comes and ago, and then returns, reconsider it.
  • Share your thought with trusted peers for input.
  • Should negative feedback not have you convinced, rethink the idea.
  • Examine the negative and positive commentary to form a more robust test.
  • Put the idea into action and be willing to learn from the entire experience.
  • If the outcome is poor, determine how you may tweak for improvement.
  • Should the results be decent, consider how you may leverage for a strategic plan.
  • Share your experiences with communities so that they too may improve.
  • Celebrate Success!