Have You Missed the Boat on the Women’s Market?

I made a shocking discovery that surprised even me. If you are not focusing on the women’s market wake up because what I’m going to show you speaks louder than the undeniable statistics about the growth of the women’s market.   A week ago, I was traveling to give a keynote presentation. At the airport I love to peruse the books and magazines to see what’s new, hoping something will perk my interest.  As I began to review the business magazines I was shocked. Almost all of the business magazines including Kiplinger’s, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Fast Company, Time, Inc. and Success ALL featured women on the covers. It wasn’t just their pictures but articles about how women are succeeding in business. I thought WOW, these major media companies are spending millions of dollars to show their support and respect for women. These companies are not worried about offending their male subscribers, they are simply giving women the respect and attention they deserve.

What are you doing in your business to show women you care?

The time to focus on women is now, there is no more time to wait or the ship will have sailed. Related: Women are Completely Disenchanted with Advisors