How Not to Follow the Crowd

We’re at an intersection right now and it’s a wonderful opportunity to question everything, at our own drum beat. Not anyone else’s.

If we’ve experienced anything in 2020 it is that no one knows much of anything, no how hard leaders and experts try to convince us otherwise. Why do we trust their authority; just because they succeeded and stepped into the power to be so called leaders? Why do we choose to follow their rules, secrets, plans, advice and practices? Why does anyone outside ourselves need to teach us how to be vulnerable, authentic and successful? Don’t abundant opportunities — to face ourselves — present themselves daily?

And yet, more of us are starting to become aware that we have the ability to step out of this story and uncover our own way of life. It’s not easy but we know there’s no other way than embodying our own beliefs, while allowing others to follow their path, without taking sides and creating deeper divisions.

Harmony and alignment will only come from the healthy choices we make, and our ability to practice discernment.

When we choose to compete or to win, we’re anchored in the division and separation in our world. In any war or conflict, for one side to win, the other must lose. And in the end, everyone loses as there is no real prize when we fear and hate and take someone else down. Until we trust ourselves fully, and not the noise of our world, we will continue to experience much of the same. No authority body or person can release us; that’s our work to do and story to unravel, until we build our own immune system. No one has our answers as no one is us and understands us as well as we can. It takes unlearning, discernment, practice and a deep love of creation and life itself.

Every day we are faced with decisions that impact our lives and how we react and respond deeply matters. The first step is being aware. Getting in touch with our body in our own way; understanding what moves us and keeps us in motion while the gyms are in lockdown. One size fits all only works when you’re a t-shirt or an article of clothing that is extra large. When we feel bombarded by all the conflicting information out in the world, we can ask questions and truly uncover what works for us and what doesn’t — what’s healthy and what’s toxic for our body, mind and soul.

Protests are part of the old model that supports outrage that drives deeper divisions between us. Taking sides, arguing, bullying and fighting keeps us stressed, burned out and living in the endless cycle of conflict. I’ve met people who told me that one of their five superpowers is bringing consciousness to the planet, while acting in very unconscious ways. It’s not a competition of who is most conscious as it is a way of life that becomes invisible.

What we’ve been taught to fight for justice and fairness, the very fabric of our world in its current form is far from fair and just. So why even fight? That’s the question I am asking as I carve out my own path in this world that tries to make me like everyone else. My path and work is not for everyone, and may seem crazy to some, but the challenges and opportunities I’m facing make me who I am today and I continuously evolve, knowing there’s no destination; just life to be experienced. I continue to build my immunity from unhealthy people, beliefs and things that are not aligned with my core and to do that, I don’t shield myself from my life but jump into it, heart first. Taking healthy paths of least resistance as there’s no reason to war or fight along the way, even with myself.

The deepest questions are ones of living in alignment with who we are and who we are becoming. It’s about tapping into our internal wiring and turning our intuition on to detect bullshit or anything that’s out of alignment.

When we experiment, we become aware of what resonates with us and what doesn’t; it takes us into a healthy world and away for our conditioning around success and failure. Questioning in flow is key. But when we stay within the questions without experiencing life, we simply philosophize and provide more theories and noise. Be willing to see a problem, and explore the opportunities that are waiting for us to meet them in the field of creation. Small or big are judgements; the opportunity is to take whatever step we feel called to take. And whenever, we hit a wall, remember what happens to a storm, a tornado or strong wind that comes to our lands. Does it last forever? Can we not discover options to live our life in a way that keeps us flowing; knowing that there’s a calm after the storm and it’s up to us to choose whether we rage against the devastation or move on and build what we need most?

When a powerful force comes into our village or life, with doom and gloom, do we buy into their fear agenda? Or, do we stand firm in our power source and know what’s best for us, those dear to us and the planet that sustains us?

It’s not about convincing others that we have the best solution or way of life. Our world doesn’t need more warriors, arguments or divisions. What is it about for you?

Regardless of the noise in the world, this is the time to build become stronger in our alignment and ability to become aware of what’s possible. Kindness starts within ourselves and it often requires us to make space for experimenting and being curious. Breathing is not just a mediation practice; we can paint a unique day every day by celebrating our breath and aligning it with our deep curiosity and courage. Much will shift when we each can see a blank canvass, at any age, on which we can create with all the colors nature provides us in abundance.

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