How Nyla Cut Her Losses and Unlocked Her Biggest Asset - Herself!

From a frugal upbringing in India, to an almost 15 year-long career working as a stock trader on Wall Street, writer and researcher Nyla has always possessed a strong fluency in the language of money. But when faced with the abrupt endings of both her job and her marriage, Nyla took the opportunity to re-examine her life path, and her relationship with money .

In this episode of “Financially Ever After”, Nyla shares some of the insights she has discovered that have helped her unleash her most creative, well-rounded and generative self, including:

  • Why, when it comes to marriage, looking at finances and value creation between two spouses as a zero sum game is not healthy and can prevent you from seeing one another as equal partners. [14:48]
  • Why financial coaching should be an important and lifelong educational process for individuals and couples, alike. [25:30]
  • How a dramatic “life audit” shifted her understanding of the value of money and has led her to now view money as a tool that makes possible incredible opportunities and experiences [37:48]
  • How she has learned to redefine her net worth as a “holy triangle” comprised of: social capital (your network), human capital (yourself) and financial capital [44:10]
  • Why your creative and generative potential is the key to your sense of well-being, and how when that is out of whack, you do a disservice to everyone in your life. [46:40]
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