How to Add Layers of Security to Your Private Information

We all know someone who has had their computer hacked or their identity stolen. Maybe that has even happened to you. Wouldn’t you like to know how to dodge the wiles of hackers?

In today’s episode, Gary Alden shares tips and tricks to help you get ahead of the cyber hackers and protect your finances and identity from theft. This is an informative conversation that will teach you how to add layers of security to your private information and daily routines. In this episode, you will learn:
  • About the concept of cybersecurity
  • Techniques for making your passwords stronger
  • The benefits of implementing two-step verification
  • Why Gary says he wouldn’t touch public Wi-Fi with a 10-foot pole
  • Steps you can take to protect your home and kids
  • And more!
Tune in now and learn how to shield your private information from hackers.