How to Deepen Relationships with Centers of Influence

We hear a lot about developing Centers of Influence. Now is a great time to be deepening those relationships.

Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be looking at connecting with Centers of Influence. Today we’re looking specifically at connecting with Centers of Influence who you share clients with.Now especially with CPAs, this time of year is great because they’ve had their April 15th, and you have an even more legitimate reason to contact them about: the fact that they’ve just processed returns for clients that you both share.Related: Growing Your Advisory Is Similar to Growing a Flourishing GardenThere is a simple format to follow when you send out your email to them, and the format goes like this (I’m going to read through it and explain just why this works):“Hi Joe, My name is Paul Kingsman. I’m a financial advisor and understand you are Mary Smith’s tax preparer.”Now why that works is because you’ve introduced yourself, you’ve named the person you both share, and just with finishing, “and understand you are Mary Smith’s tax preparer,” you’ve kind of put a question mark in that CPA’s mind: Is there a problem? Is there an issue? Is Mary happy? So there’s a little bit of concern right now.Then you write this:“She speaks highly of you.”Ahh, you provide relief. You provide a compliment to Joe.Then you write this:“She speaks highly of you, and I wanted to introduce myself and learn more about the types of people you enjoy helping most.”Look, we’re all business people. We’re doing this all day every day, and we want to enjoy the people we work with. Saying this just allows you to show a little bit of your humanity.“Do you have 15 minutes for a call, either this Thursday, June the 15th, after 2:00 p.m. or next Tuesday, June the 20th, after 1:00pm? If neither of these options suit, please name a couple of times that do, and we can plan from there. Thanks, Paul”And that’s it. It’s super-simple. If there’s something that I’ve just read out that you missed, again, you’ve got the transcription below. Go and look at those details. It works!So, 1. Make it short and succinct.You’re just looking to get their attention to begin the conversation. 2. Put in some time and date options.Show them that you’re flexible, and then you can suggest if these don’t suit, suggest a couple that do, and we can plan from there. 3. If you haven’t heard from them within 7 to 10 days, again, send another email out just to get on their radar, or give them a call.You should know who your clients’ CPAs are when you on-board them. Even if they’re a D client, you should still know who their CPA is. Don’t just assume their CPA only has D clients. They may have larger clients they’re needing to introduce you to.That’s a way to effectively grow your Centers of Influence.