How Women Advisors Make An Impact in the Financial Industry

As a woman you bring amazing strengths and talents to an industry mired in egos and less-than-ethical behavior.

You have succeeded by adapting to the more traditional business model even when the process and methods felt totally unnatural to you as a woman. For some, you were destined for the role as a financial advisor from an early age.  Supported by parents and others who encouraged your independence and fed your confidence, NO wasn’t an option. For others you simply fell into the business, sometimes by default. It was a job, income and an opportunity, but then you saw the impact you could have on the lives of others and a fire was lit in your soul. You knew this was where you wanted to be, doing what you wanted to do. Regardless of your scenario, the road was never easy as you traversed the industry road blocks, gender biases, and even self-imposed limitations. You have spent years juggling the demands of family and the unspoken pressure from an industry that struggled to accept your value and ability. But you were committed to your purpose even when your energy waned and your optimism was shattered by compliance and challenging markets. At times, you were driven only by your sense of loyalty to your clients; it was their appreciation of your work that kept you afloat. Let’s face it— for most women, your business has been fueled solely by discipline, hard work and your sheer determination to succeed, yet underneath it all you knew there had to be a better, more effective way to succeed. You knew it didn’t have to be so challenging, so painful, but straying from the traditional methods often attracted unwanted attention and less than positive feedback. In most cases, it was safer to stay under the radar rather than to stir up attention with new and creative ideas. But times have changed; women have proven their worth in the financial services industry. Firms are scrambling to hire more female advisors, not because they are filling court- mandated quotas, but because they recognize the value (and revenues) female advisors can bring to the business.

As women, we must recognize this shift and use this new position in order to make positive changes, not just simply to enhance our path to success, but to transform a stodgy industry stuck in the mud.

We must stop trying to prove our worth (been there, done that) and begin rebuilding using our unique strengths as women to re-design how business is done on Wall Street. I have spent more than 10 years coaching female advisors and, to me, the path to success for women is quite simple. When you build your business, process, and marketing strategy around your strengths as a woman, amazing things happen. Your passion and enthusiasm for what you do is immediately rekindled. You will begin to see that what you thought was possible, what you dreamed you could accomplish is right there at your fingertips. This shift will not only transform your business and life but will also re- inspire your clients, engage and empower more women, and help you connect with the generations that follow simply by providing a new, more personal and authentic approach to doing business your way. Find out what a women focused practice can look like for you with Adri’s newest strategy tool: 30 Leads in 30 Days! Related: Your 2020 Game Changing Strategy; New Year, New Paradigm, New Clients