Do Not Get “Indefinitely Banned" from LinkedIn

LinkedIn does not want you to do two things.

If you're doing them, please stop. Over time, LinkedIn has been clamping down on companies and marketers who use its platform and code.Recently, they've been clamping down hard.

1. If you hire someone else to use your account.

Now this is a normal part of business, however, LINKEDIN DOES NOT LIKE YOU DOING THIS!!So if you have an assistant who cannot sit at your desk and use your computer to do any work on LinkedIn for you, don't hire them. Example:You hire a company to do marketing for you, send out some posts on your feed, comment on someone's post, etc. etc. Example:You have a team member, who works virtually, post an article you wrote to your LinkedIn profile or Company Page. How They Can TellWhen you log in, LinkedIn sees IP address belongs to YOUR computer and YOUR office internet. (An IP address is like your snail mail address, but digitally.) LinkedIn will shut down your account and you'll lose all your contacts.Now, you can always download your connection list (which I recommend you do monthly anyway). HOWEVER, many months ago, LinkedIn removed all email addresses from the download UNLESS the connection approved that their email could go out AND was available on their profile for people to contact.

2. The use of ANY sort of 3rd party software.

3rd party softwaredoes not includesoftware you use AFTER you log into your LINKEDIN account, like LinkedIn Navigator.A 3rd party program is software that provides an unfair advantage to the use. It allows actions to take place that the original program does not normally allow.Example of 3rd party software: Let's say you are using WordPress, and you add in a plugin for an events calendar (3rd party programs) that work with WordPress. WordPress (originally completely free) doesn't care that you're using these 3rd party software apps. BUT LINKEDIN HAS GONE BALLISTIC about locating people who are using these 3rd party software with their platform (LinkedIn) without their permission or a license.

Why Are People Using 3rd Party software?

Chrome recently made major changes to more easily allow it's users to use 3rd Party Software. But even before that, programs like The use of apps allows the user to increase communications and productivity. Examples (but not all of) the 3rd party software that works using LI are listed here Buyer BewareSome of the 3rd party software maybe using the words LinkedIn or Linked in its name.

Is LinkedIn The Only One Who Doesn't Allow 3rd Party Software Apps?

Nope. I've had plenty of software over the years that disallowed it. I couldn't blame them. They created the software, they own the code, and they don't want people tampering with them.Now, on the other hand, if the 3rd party app is very good, then the original software is missing something important to the users. And companies can buy the app or rent the use of the 3rd party software for use on their platform.

How To Currently Use LinkedIn

1) My clients use my LinkedIn Demystified Program and Coaching to help them grow their business through LinkedIn.2) Software and programs offered by LinkedIn By LinkedIn , Listed on their website By another resource : Here's a good article on getting started on LinkedIn.

What's Next

Some 3rd party software companies are starting to "talk" to LinkedIn, so stay tuned to more about this subject in the future.Related: 6 Important Advisor Growth Systems for Success