Marketing is Misunderstood: How to Get It Right in 2019

I think many people get marketing all wrong.

Many will spend much time deciding what they are going to DO for their marketing in 2019. Whether that is hosting prospect events, running a direct mail campaign, requesting referrals from existing clients, or managing social mediachannels, your approach may be wrong.I believe you should instead focus more on what you are going to SAY. When you’ve fine-tuned your messaging, you’ll see much better results no matter what your marketing efforts are. Your words and your message are what connect with your prospective clients, they draw them in! If you’re hosting a prospect event, the right words help you get an appointment. If you’re meeting a prospect, your words can convince them that they want to work with you. If you manage your social media channels, saying something of value is what will get others to engage with your content.Related: The Best Way to Upgrade Your Marketing in 2019Many may be going into 2019 trying to put together really elaborate (and costly) marketing plans to shake up their business. But perhaps consider starting smaller. Do you know the best way, with the least cost, to upgrade your marketing and business development efforts? Change the words you use. Verbally, on your website, at your events, in front of clients, with strategic alliances, and especially with prospects. Make sure you have the words to verbalize your value, your fees, and why you in the New Year!We have proven that when you use better messaging for everything from your value/fee discussion, client appreciation invitations, scripts for asking for referrals, discussions with potential strategic alliances, and more – that it changes everything. Your words are what will produce dramatic effects on your successful marketing effortsthis upcoming year.