A New Way to Talk to Your Family About Stewardship

If you’re like Justin Bennett’s clients, you want your kids to not only be responsible stewards of money but to also be instrumental in passing down values for generations to come.

Today, Justin explains how he approaches values-based conversations about transferring wealth to the next generation. Listen in as Justin walks you through this important conversation, turning the typical definition of “wealth” on its head while showing you how to start talking to your family about stewardship.In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • What tends to happen in families who don’t talk about stewardship
  • How Justin defines “wealth” and “money” and how these definitions tie into the stewardship conversation
  • What concerns people most about having these conversations with family
  • Words of advice for initiating a conversation about stewardship
  • And more!
  • Tune in now to discover a new way to think about stewardship conversations!Related: Planning for Your Financial Future, Now