Not Getting Work Done? You’re Not Alone.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting much done. On top of it, the more I acknowledge I’m not getting enough work done, I get frustrated. Bet you can guess how that frustration’s working. (Hint: It’s not.) 

My kids eat all the food in the house 120 seconds after I put it in the refrigerator.  

Husband isn’t working full time at the moment, which means days he’s here, we spend time together.  

Keeping everyone on track while trying to stay on track myself is exhausting.  


Keeping everyone else on track… 

Doing for everyone… 

Women in particular, but also many men, find themselves in this all-too-familiar boat.  

We bubble over with frustration because we can’t make everything perfect for ourselves or anyone else.  

You know what we all need to do? 

We can’t snap our fingers and make everything that’s happening a bad dream but we can:



Stop f*cking with the expletives. (Or is that just me?) 

Here are 7 things to do instead of getting worked up about not getting work done: 

1. Be together. When will you all be in the house together again this much? Never. Instead of resisting and hating this time, appreciate it too. 

2. Do something instead of doing nothing. So you can’t get it done with all the interruptions and distractions so you won’t start? Really?

3. Watch a show or 12 with no guilt. I’m not suggesting bagging your next Zoom call for Netflix, but don’t beat yourself up about more TV time than usual. (Also, I strongly recommend McMillion$.)

4. Let people make their choices. Can you force your kid to do their homework even when school’s in session? Probably not. They have to choose to do it. Still true. 

5. Acknowledge what you do accomplish. Not rocking and rolling like you did a month or two ago? Who is? Keep working at it and recognize what you ARE getting done and not only focusing on what’s left.

6. Phone a friend. A friend can listen before you explode. Chances are, they can also relate.

7. Decide what has to get done and get it done. If it’s not urgent, don’t kick your butt if you don’t get to it. 

Most people are less productive during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re all figuring it out together.  

Tonight, I’m going to turn on the next episode of Killing Eve, and let my kids Snapchat up a storm and play Borderlands3 until they’re blue in the face. I’m not going to ask them if they’ve read or are all set with their assignments or if they’ve picked up a single thing off their floor and put it in the laundry. (Yes, I already know the answer.)

What I’m also going to do is be guilt-free despite not meeting my productivity goals. Now is not the time for perfection but to remember to celebrate progress.  

What about you? How’s your productivity? 

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