Recognizing Financial Abuse and Gaslighting

Victoria McCooey was one of the many women who thought she had a husband who loved and idolized her but found herself married to an abusive man who kept her isolated and financially disempowered – questioning her own knowledge and pressuring her into taking on debt while controlling almost every aspect of her life.Victoria saved herself and her children from this situation and has gone on to help hundreds of other women take their power back from abusive, narcissistic partners.Related: Confronting the Ghosts of Your Financial Past for Future Control In this episode of Financially Ever After, Victoria and Stacy talk about recognizing, understanding and escaping from abuse, and how to handle the aftermath, and how Victoria has dedicated her life to helping other women escape deadly situations.

  • How Victoria came to the realization that her situation was not normal, not okay, and not going to end well [10.15]
  • The myths too many people believe about abuse in marriage [14:00]
  • The moment Victoria left the situation [23:15]
  • What Victoria is doing now – and how she is turning her experience into programs and support for other women in similar situations. [28:45]
  • Victoria’s advice to women who are currently in abusive situations. [35:15]
  • Resources for Domestic Violence Help: resources/service/1542/ domestic-violence-help-for- victims Learn more about Victoria McCooey: