Secret Revealed: How VR Can Change Student's Everyday Life

Written by: Jacob Dillon Technology is constantly being developed to simplify our lives and give us more time on our hands. Despite getting much controversy over the matter of job losses, technology has proved most of the time that it does more good than harm.The tip of the spear in these technological developments is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR). These technologies are being used in most sectors now, but the most intriguing sector is the healthcare sector.From robots that sort medication to AI that is used to analyze data like x-rays, physical examination tests, and other screenings, the healthcare sector is using all tools at its disposal. VR is also being used in sectors like the automotive sector in designing and visualizing designs in a graphical manner.VR gained much popularity from 2018 with very interesting games developed by big giants like PlayStation and Google. How can this sector be useful in the educational sector?

Virtual field trips

Do you know how much have you spent on field trips ever since you started school? All that money can easily mount up and cost a fortune when you add travel costs, food and other necessary items that will make your field trip successful. The good news is, virtual reality is working on changing that through digital virtual field trips.This means that you can save all the travel costs and other expenses because you can do it in the comfortability of your seat. This will especially help students studying zoology and other fields of study that require a lot of field trips to grasp the subject well.Google has taken this opportunity to offer the Google Expeditions platform, which allows students to take these virtual tours. Hopefully, other players will join as well and offer the best virtual field trips for students of all ages and all faculties or levels.

Medical coursework resources

The medical sector has adopted the technology of using AI as mentioned above and now it is gradually turning to VR. This is evident by seeing how it is being utilized in the training of medical personnel in different practices.For example, surgeons needed to practice their skills on cadavers because practicing on actual humans could be fatal. This form of learning does not even come close to the VR surgery operation training, the latter form gives student hands-on training without any risk.The student gets the opportunity to operate a surgery in a real-life scenario and gets to feel the stressors of this profession. By focusing more on VR-based exposure and outsourcing the thesis, dissertation and college essays to essay writing servicelike Essay Mamaand UK assignment writing service, medical students are able to make their learning experience more practical as per the needs of new-age education system.

Pilot Training

For a long time, pilots have been training using flight simulations in simulation booths and it has proven to save costs. Instead of student pilots burning jet fuel in the sky every second, they can do it indoors and only using a few watts of energy. However, what if there was a cheaper way?VR saved the day again here by offering realistic pilot simulations that don’t need thousands of dollars to set up like the simulation booths. It all costs less because the only thing you need to buy is headsets and software. Some pilot schools have piloted this program and the results prove that this method is definitely taking flight.


Engineers need hands-on training on how to execute the most crucial tasks that affect our everyday life. For example, airplane engineers need to know exactly how to fix problems from different aircraft engines.The costs of getting professionals to explain and train these engineers can be very costly. However, engineers still need the training in the same they also can’t pay exorbitant prices to get that training.VR solved this problem by offering hands-on training simulations for different engineers working in different sectors. Through this training, engineers can be interactively involved with their curriculum which sharpens their memory on that particular subject. For pilots, VR pilot trainingprovides VR-based simulation which is as real-life as possible.

Distance learning

When you do distance learning, you have to acquire discipline to complete your curriculum and study thoroughly. However, that is a hard task to do when there are constant distractions around you.Well, VR has come up with a solution for that and it is based around the idea of literally blocking out all distractions to help you focus. It works just like a class environment because there are graphics of an actual class setting so you can be more disciplined and benefit from the curriculum.The graphics also make your studying seem less lonely because it feels like there are students with you physically in your room. Another aspect that can make your distance learning an ideal experience is the use of online professional writing experts. Go through the EssayShark reviewand review, and you’ll find the perfect writer to your essays, dissertations, thesis and all other project assignments.

Virtual campus visits

We have spoken about field trips and now we are focused on campus visits. This necessary process of choosing the college you want to study in is often tedious, tiring and sometimes boring. You don’t have to go through all of that anymore because you can take virtual tours of campuses of the colleges or universities in your shortlist.The best part is that you do it in the comfort of your home and if you are a little bit antisocial you won’t have to deal with a small talk from other students and staff. This virtual tour is made of pictures and videos that give you the 360 degrees view.

Learning a new language

Learning a new language can be hard because of the different pronunciations due to different cultures and traditions or local customs. So as much as you would like to take a plane and immerse yourself in that language's culture and tradition, you may not be able to do so because of finances.To overcome that, VR has a platform to do so without buying a plane ticket to that country. You can learn the language, accent and culture without being in that country using your VR headset. One of the useful platforms used for this purpose is called Unimersiv, which can be used with the Oculus Rift headsets.

Hands-on skills training

Benefiting from hands-on skills training depends on the tutor and your mood for that day, if you are feeling a little out of it, you can easily miss important points of your training. Also, if your trainer cannot explain the subject clearly, you will not acquire the required amount of skill.To remove those negative impacts, VR offers clear instructions on how to do certain tasks and can be repeated whenever you need to. The results of a study done of humans that used training from VR against those with regular training and the results proved that the ones trained by VR were better.

Special Educational needs

Children with learning disabilities need extra care, support and patience, but sometimes in a class, you get children with a different type of impairment. As it may be hard for teachers to keep up with their needs, they may receive insufficient educational care.However, VR also solves this problem by giving these students the curriculum they need that will practically show them the objects that are being discussed. This is also a great method of offering interactive study material that benefits both the student and teacher.

Design schools

There are different types of design schools and most of them have been following the traditional pencil and paper method of teaching students how to design certain objects.However, some have used a 3D simulation type of designing and have been using Computer Aided Drawing software (CAD). VR developed this sectorby giving a 3D tour of the designs before a 3D model is printed and gives a sense of what the finished product of what the end product will be like.The sectors that have used this are building architecture sectors, the automotive industry and the fashion industry. This will make it easier for students to pitch their ideas to lecturers and for their lecturers to be continually engaged in the presentation. AR can also be used in the 3D modeling of anatomical organs for use in schools and universities.

In conclusion

VR is doing more harm than good when we look at both sides, including one that shows it not just as a merely time-wasting device but a useful educational tool. Although not all schools and universities will adapt overnight to it but hopefully with patience, gradually it will take form into all schools nationwide.The faculties that use this technology are very critical so you can expect developments every time that will make the study process more understandable and clearer so tasks can be executed correctly.Related: 7 Tips to Be Successful at Selling to Different Generations

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