Should Financial Advisors Use Paid Google Ads?

We've all seen them. We've all accidentally clicked on them, but should you use them for your business? I'm talking about paid Google ads. That's the topic today. I'm Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and stick with me because it's a simple answer but one that's really important.

9 Times Out Of 10, You Do Not Need Google Ads

So paid ads-when you do a Google search online what is the first thing that's always at the top of the page? It's an ad. It's a paid Google ad. So I'm not talking about Facebook ads, I'm not talking about retargeting ads. I'm talking about just simple Google ads. If you are a financial advisor running a small business, nine times out of ten my answer to this question will be no, you do not need to use paid Google ads, and let me explain why that is my answer. So when we talk about the SERP, which stands for search engine results page, that's the page of results you see when you type something into Google. So if you search best burger restaurant near me, all of the things that come up are on what's called the SERP, the search engine result page. So knowing that let me give you a few stats that will lend themselves as back up to my answer on this.

People Click On The Top Three Organic Results

61% of all the clicks that come up on that SERP go to just the top three organic results - organic just means not paid ads right. So when we think about where people go, we intuitively know that the ads are the top and we scroll right past them looking for the non-sponsored answers that Google is giving us. So 61% of all the clicks are going to come from those top three.

Less Than 10% Of All Clicks Are On Google Ads

Number two point is that less than 6% of people are going to move on to page number two, so you really do want to be on that first page, but less than 10% of all clicks are going to be on the ads. We now know what those ads are and that people are paying for that positioning. And so we typically tend to just scroll right by them. The best way to get good traffic to your website from qualified leads is simply to produce great content that will boost your SEO, so boost your ranking organically. We have tons more videos and tips all about how to boost your SEO organically, and I will link to them below this video. But, that's my answer. You do not need to utilize paid ads nine times out of ten for your business. Instead, you just want to focus on putting in the time to create great content and have a great SEO strategy that will give you that organic boost because that's where people are clicking. Related: 4 Questions for Advisors About Digital Marketing