Social Distancing: When you got Lemons...

Social Distancing is the new reality, although there is still a number of people who don’t quite understand what it means and how important it is. Basically, we should avoid close physical contact and crowds but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be social any more.

In fact, this is an opportunity to listen with more intent, be more strategic and use the time that we usually spend on commuting to reflect and strategize.

Virtual Strategy Sessions

Gather your teams around the world and talk about things that usually fall through the cracks because everybody is so busy working and doing.

It is clear that most companies do not have a strong crisis plan in place. So, now is the time to gather feedback and to make sure that we are better prepared for the next unexpected interruption.

Opportunity for Leadership

This is also a great opportunity for your employees to feel reassured and safe. In times of uncertainty, human beings want somebody to help them feel more secure. Companies with strong and decisive leaders (like Nike, and Patagonia) act swiftly and they are clear on what to expect.

When it comes to your social life, here are some tips to avoid physical social distancing while still being social:

Virtual gatherings

Why not schedule virtual coffee gatherings where everybody grabs a beverage of their choice and we use all the technology available these days to spend time together.

Teach your Grandchildren

With all the technology available, put together some fun lessons for your grandchildren or anybody who needs a hand to help out the parents who are stuck at home with restless children.

When you got Lemons, make Lemonade!

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