Technology Knows More About You Than You Think It Does

If you think that Google may affect you because you're browsing Safari, unfortunately. If you think Facebook does not know anything about you because you're not on Facebook, sorry. Statista published a chart (see below) that immediately tells us that the big tech companies have long known everything about us. Their power is extremely disruptive ...

The top 10 Android apps (Google's management system) combined in May with over 330 million downloads. WhatsApp was 92 million at the top. WhatsApp is from Facebook, just like Instagram. Together with recognizable Facebook apps like Messenger, Facebook and Facebook Lite, they made 276 million downloads.

I wonder if there is something they do not know yet, with all the data that the big tech companies now have. Now that the improvements in artificial intelligence begin to accelerate, it's a matter of time before the Internet knows more about our plans than we do.

Data + artificial intelligence. That's just disruptive!

Collegue futurologist Ray Kurzweil already predicted that in 1989 we would have a computer that is smarter than the human brain. The consensus among experts was still around 2400: 500 years later. The consensus is now moving towards Kurzweil's forecast, because artificial intelligence needs less and less information to be able to do more. The hardware and software improves exponentially. So yes, at the current pace it takes another 50 years, but the current pace is accelerating.

In less than 10 years, the way people interact with information radically changes

How important is knowledge for your organization? How far are you with artificial intelligence? And is there a plan for the people who lag behind? Or do you leave it to Google's big tech companies (Ray Kurzweil)?