The Importance of Advisor Communication

Someone recently asked me what I do. I explained that I work with Financial Advisers.

His response, “That can’t be fun; they are all crooks.” It hurt; I felt winded and of course went on to talk about our profession and all the terrific aspects about it. This person was mid 50’s, owns a thriving national business, has three adult children, married – a professional working person.

I share this story because it’s an important one to share.

Why? Because we need to communicate more. We need to share the client success stories more; we need to talk about our rigorous compliance standards, our capabilities, our fees and all the other client relevant factors about our businesses now more than ever before.

BUT remember, what you say isn’t nearly as important as what others say about you.

If there is one marketing activity you and your Advisers concentrate on this month, may I suggest it’s getting your clients to write you a testimonial you can place on your website* and in your marketing, write a Google review or write a Facebook review. This one simple action can help change the reputation of our astounding profession. Related: A Different Way to Articulate Your Value
*Rachel resides in Australia