The Secret Life of Retirees

When life is great, people will sing it from the rooftops and post about it on Facebook. It’s easy to then believe that the people around us, including retirees, have exceedingly fulfilling lives — but we’re getting an incomplete picture. In today’s episode, Sam Legaspi and Koz Tsukamo to uncover the little-known aspects of retired life that retirees are too embarrassed to talk about. Sharing real-life stories along the way, Sam and Koz examine these unspoken struggles and offer their advice. In this episode, you will learn:
  • To what extent uncontrolled spending derails people’s retirements
  • Why a day of retired life can be more stressful than a workday
  • How loneliness can impact your retirement experience, including your health
  • And more!
Tune in now to learn about the challenges that retirees aren’t talking about. Related: The Sand Trap of Life: Dealing With Bad Situations