Use These Three Steps to Better Your Performance

When we set out to attempt something new, we often need to remind ourselves of the three steps to reach success. An initial poor performance can promote doubt in our minds. We begin to wonder if we have the talent to succeed. Next, we question why we are even trying. And very quickly, the idea of quitting follows. But deep down we wonder, are we missing steps to reach success? How do we rescue ourselves and continue pursuing what we desire? Read on to discover the three steps to reach success. As I was playing indoor basketball with my grandson, he was surprised to see me making most of the shots. He asked how I got to be so good. His question found me reminiscing about the lessons I learned in my youth.
Coaching lessons in sports apply to sales success.
Between being frustrated and not wanting to do the monotonous homework assignments, I would go outside to shoot baskets. The practice would alleviate the stress, and creative ideas would come to me for completing the homework. Each afternoon, I would begin by shooting baskets from the center of the court. And then I would vary the throws from various angles. Included was doing one-arm shots directly underneath the basket. On many occasions, I was asked to play with my older brother and his friends. They were much stronger and taller, but that did not deter me. I use three steps to reach success that are detailed below. I learned:
Finesse and strategy help win the game and the sale.
Last year, I returned to bowling after a hiatus of many years. I similarly set easy goals upfront. As advancement continues, new goals replace the old. An injury to my right arm had me bowling left-handed. It wasn’t fun to go back to the lowest of low scores, but it was better than not enjoying the group. Today, I’m back to bowling right-handed, and rightfully setting new goals. This year I moved from a low score of 45 to a new high of 145! I now have a higher goal in mind. The three steps to reach success apply to business development and sales. A daily habit of following these three steps to reach success will have you moving up the career ladder. Others will see you as effortlessly achieving your dream.

The Three Steps to Reach Success:

1.  Practice

We never improve without practice. Most people dislike prospecting for new clients no matter the form. But when you promise yourself to make a set amount of calls per day, by the third one, the dark cloud begins to fade. An increase in energy sets a lighter tone. And the likelihood of setting an appointment increases.
The ritual of practice enables our success.

2.  Goal Setting

As you begin a new job, project, or sport, set a reasonable goal upfront. As you see achievement on the horizon, start setting more challenging goals. Sitting on satisfaction with the first achievement does not last long. And soon the concern will return.
To go far, continually challenge yourself to do better. The only person with whom you compete is yourself.
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Answer the Following Questions for Varying Career Stages:

  • Early career, which achievement will motivate you to continue in the same industry?
  • Mid-career, what do you like to be your ultimate achievement?
  • End of career, which achievement makes you most proud, and will you teach others to do the same?

3.  Far-Reaching Goal Reset

During the early part of your career, it sounds unbelievable that you will be wildly successful. Accordingly, set stretch goals that will require a dedication to education and daily persistence. The goal reset is the first of three steps to reach success. Once you get into the rhythm, envision how you would like others to remember you. Now work backward setting long and near-term goals. Continue to revise as time moves forward. You will amaze yourself with what you can achieve!

Sales Tips: Three Steps to Reach Success

  1. Keep your long-term vision in mind
  2. Lead by helping individuals and communities following in your footsteps
  3. Commit to continual learning and doing the necessary
  4. Become comfortable with tasks you find stressful
  5. Every day pursue the three steps to reach success
  6. Inquire of others how they are tackling their endeavors
  7. Brainstorm efficiencies and the better methods with trusted peers
  8. Take an occasional calculated risk to more quickly move forward
  9. Share what does not work along with what works best including the three steps to reach success
  10. Celebrate Success!