Want to Make Life Instantly Better? Look for a Silver Lining

In slow motion, as if in a movie with multiple cameras capturing the action from all angles, there was the driveway, me flying through the air, and my entire body hitting the ground with a thud.

I touched my face and knew there was blood, a lot of it, but I took a moment to catch my breath back and run my tongue over my teeth. Nothing felt chipped or missing. Fabulous, a silver lining. To my left was one of the lenses from my glasses. The cracked frames had landed somewhere above my head. Another silver lining, I’d been putting off going to the eye doctor to get my prescription updated, now I’d get it done. I made my way into the house, and a neighbor drove me to the ER. After x-rays, the doctor came in and said, “You’re right. You have a break.” When I asked which arm he didn’t try to make me feel better when he said, “both.” Still, the silver lining was that they don’t cast broken elbows, and I didn’t need surgery. Flying back to Australia from the USA in a few days, I won’t be able to carry my bags through the airport. The airline arranged for a wheelchair and support to the gate and between flights. Another silver lining, I’ll get to board first. When shitty things happen, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy. I have two broken arms, and my face looks like someone mugged and beat me, and I’m happy. Here’s what I know, when all you fixate on is the crap, sure, it’s hard to see the good, especially when it feels like life has come crashing down.  The next time you feel like you’re falling into a “woe is me” headspace, ask yourself: What’s the flip side? If it’s not immediately apparent, look a little harder, the silver lining is there, waiting for you to discover it. I’m about as far from Pollyanna as you can get, ask anyone who knows me. However, I’m proof that you can be a positive realist. Life isn’t always sunshine and unicorns, but it can still be damn good. You can choose the light over the dark. Everyone has bad days. Sometimes, they’re worse than usual. Even on the worst of the worst, silver linings will make things better. I promise. Healing over the next few weeks means I’ll be online less. Another silver lining? Hope you find yours in your challenges too. Related: Mistakes Happen: How You React Determines Your Impact